Fface and body

Japanese hot springs and tourmaline ritual

Ideal for couples. An unforgettable experience that will allow us to get closer to the great Myth of Beauty in Japan. This treatment is intensified with the most current products on the market together with solid research to enhance the action of the treatment. Especially indicated for all people who want to feel something different on their skin and energize their body through the hot springs and the exclusive ECOA massage based on the Japanese Shi - Atsu (finger - pressure) technique, and hot tourmalines that release heat energy . It helps calm stress, relaxes muscles, balances the body, activates the skin's natural defenses, improves microcirculation.
Approximate duration: 1h 15min | € 105

Gold and Pacific pearls

Ideal for couples. Restores the softness of the skin, restoring firmness and youth, purifying, detoxifying and activating its natural defenses. The Massada Pacific Pearl and Gold ritual has all the ingredients to change the skin with exclusive formulas of multisensory natural extracts. Thanks to its silicas, amino acids and minerals, Pearl and Yogurt Gelatin with Trace Elements gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin without attacking it, helping to erase the traces of time. The protein action of the Yogurt Mousse restores its luminosity and smoothness to the skin, strengthening, calming and nourishing it. Liquid Gold allows skin to be kept in perfect condition and to stimulate cellular capacity to protect it from free radicals. Finally, the Caviar Extract nourishes and provides proteins, essential fatty acids to obtain unsuspected results. The skin appears stronger and hydrated, prolonging its beauty and youth.
Approximate duration: 1h 15min | € 105

Ritual orchids and semi-precious stones of the Bali Sea

Massada has created an exclusive treatment that allows us to approach a special world of soft perfumes and semi-precious stones to improve physical, mental and emotional shape through the textures and aromas of the Bali Sea. Feel the green Jade and the rose Quartz on your skin. Combine it with the strength of the Red Jasper and the White Rock Crystal and you will get all the benefits of their energy. The essence of the Orchid also favors the mobilization of vital energy. This is a ritual especially indicated for people who want to enjoy its multisensory properties, activate cellular regeneration and remineralize the skin to achieve a feeling of balance and well-being throughout your body and mind. Relaxing and calming. Ideal for recovering energy and improving the problems of dry, rough, scaly skin and sensitive skin that have suffered aggressions from cold, wind and sun. Lightens skin blemishes, soothes irritations and leaves skin soft and smooth.
Approximate duration: 1h 15min | € 105

Magic Oil millennial ritual

The influences of ancient Asian traditions and techniques (Ayurveda, Thai, MTC...) have given rise to this Magic Oils Ritual. Luxurious aromas and fragrances from the nature of Massada products that will return your body and mind to their balance, recovering all their lost vitality, energy and harmony, achieving that desired well-being.
A global treatment that, in addition to releasing muscular and mental tension, releases the emotional stress that causes many of these ailments that are so common in the Western world.
Treatment with multiple sensitive combinations of oils and massages on the face and body for well-being, adapted to the moment and condition of each client in a unique and personalized environment.

It releases tension, balances and restores lost energy, helps to recover joy and vitality, cleanses and restores lost softness and smoothness to the skin of the face and body, making it silkier and more elastic. And, finally, it produces a general sensation of lightness in the normal movement of our extremities at the end of the treatment.

Approximate duration: 75min | €105