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New concept of Beauty, holistic and natural therapies

Massada is a 100% natural line of high Biotechnology. Obtain, through an artisanal and technological process elaborated by the best pharmacists, biologists and chemists; and with unique masterful formulas, achieve spectacular results with active ingredients and natural ingredients. Of course, exquisitely chosen assets and acquired in different parts of the world, where the best raw materials are found in each case.

These are some of the exquisite assets that the brand has: Amber, orchid, lotus flower, salts from the Dead Sea, silk proteins,

Yogurt, Alexandria rose, amethyst, damascene rose, essential oils, plant biotechnology hyaluronic acid, white tea, white nettle, horse chestnut, pearl powder, trace elements, aloe, jojoba, horsetail, hexapeptides, violet, vitamins, liquid gold etc.

Guinot, a French brand of recognized prestige, alternative to aesthetic medicine, offers exclusive treatments for skin care. Guinot has used the latest scientific advances and discoveries in the field of cutaneous biology to offer surprising results.


Bio Cellular Regenerating Facial
Feel how your skin is tuned with this revitalizing and regenerating treatment that will slow aging with antioxidant power. You will see that there is no better way to start treating your skin.
Duración aproximada: 1h 15min

Rebalancing Epidermal Bioactivator with Prebiotics
An instant cure and a resurgence of those skins that have suffered incorrect care. Treatment also indicated for those skin destabilized by external or internal agents or skin of a reactive nature. All a facial ritual that manages to reactivate the microbiotics of the skin, rehydrate and calm it. Ideal also to stabilize oily and acne skin or to perform a more intense treatment before.
Duración aproximada: 1:15h

Anti-aging of Hyaluronic Acid
Ideal for all skin types, it deeply fills eliminating superficial wrinkles as well as hydrating and revitalizing. It provides a great dose of shine and luminosity to our skin. An ECOA facial massage based on the Kobido massage, with volcanic spoons and assets such as the Olive, Rose of Alexandria, Hyaluronic Acid, Coenzyme q10, Ginseng, Mineral salts and Centella asiatica.
Duración aproximada: 1h 15min

Pearl Perfection Illuminator
Skins punished and aged? This is your treatment! Discover a flash effect and
luminosity and nourish with a high mineralizing power through a sedative massage only suitable for special occasions.
Duración aproximada: 1h 15min

DNA Nature Massada Global Anti-Aging
Innovative treatment of the Massmed line from Massada that acts with maximum efficiency on skins that show the signs of aging. Protects and repairs DNA, while promoting cell regeneration and collagen synthesis. In addition, it has a great antioxidant action that deeply hydrates the skin. Deeper wrinkles are filled in and the skin is immediately restored.
Duración aproximada: 1h 15min

Facial treatment with Binary Care (per session)
Treatment with machinery that acts to attack early and advanced aging quickly and effectively, with extraordinary long-term results. Combining the most powerful anti-aging active ingredients with 448 Khz radiofrequency waves in resistive and capacitive emission to simultaneously activate the function of the aged fibroblast while nourishing it and providing a flash lifting effect. In addition, it includes microcurrents for toning the facial muscles.
Duración aproximada: 50min


Guinot Deep Hydration Hydradem
Ideal to beautify the face, achieving deep hydration and dreamy skin. This treatment acts on the structure of the skin, firming the dermis and acting more deeply, elevating the features by stimulating the facial muscles. It ends with a delicious massage that spreads its wonderful assets on the skin, recovering a new tone.
Duración aproximada: 1h 15 min

Kobido Japanese facial massage Lifting effect
The Kobido facial massage or "Japanese face lift" is famous in Japan for its facelift effect. Therapy used by the ancient Japanese emperors, with which they managed to have a younger and more caring face, balancing body and mind. Kobido means "ancient path of beauty".

Duración: 45min

Purifying Facial Treatment - Deep Cleansing
Enjoy a facial treatment specially developed to cleanse the skin in depth. Feel your skin fully balanced and hydrated.
Duration: 1h 15min | € 75

Anti-aging regenerating cocktail with Dermapen
Dermapen is an electronic device with a microneedle system used for facial rejuvenation, which favors the penetration of our highly concentrated cocktails, achieving with this treatment a great regenerating and hydrating result.

Duración aproximada: 45min